The 411 with Author Pamela D. Rice

First tell us a bit about Pamela D. Rice. What attracted you to become a writer?

I have always loved to write.  When everyone else in school was moaning and groaning about writing assignments, I was busy thinking about my characters.

Tell us about your latest book, The Monday Night Mistress. How did you come up with the concept of this story?

All of my books will deal with social issues that society likes to sweep under the rug. Since I talked about domestic violence in my first book, I knew incest would be a great subject to discuss.  Molestation has become so rampant in our society, and we must never accept it as the norm.

What do you like and dislike the most about the writing industry?

I love the fact that anyone can get their work published. Whether you self -publish, or you sign with a company, your dreams can come true.  I dislike the completion and undermining. I think that we all have a story to tell, there is a place for us all, and we should support one another.

Have you enjoyed your journey as a published author so far? Do you have any regrets about the choices you’ve made?

I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. I have learned so much and made mistakes. I don’t have any regrets because mistakes help you grow. I can only move forward.

You’ve had tremendous success with your first release, The Sunday Morning Wife.  How do you feel about this and did it overwhelm you that your book had such an impact?

I am totally overwhelmed with the success of The Sunday Morning Wife. Seeing your first novel spend almost eighteen months on the BCCN Top Ten list is such a blessing! I do know that the concept and finished product was totally orchestrated by God, and I must give him all credit. I am touched that so many women and men have supported me in the fight for spreading the word about the devastating impact of domestic violence.

 The Sunday Morning wife has cracked tons of bestseller lists.  What do you feel makes your book stand out above the crowd?

Again, the only way that I can answer is that it is in God’s hands. He has set apart this time for me, and I am grateful to Him.  That is the only answer I have.

 It’s always great to hear promotional tips from authors but especially ones who have sold as well as you have, what types of promotion do you use to get the word out about your books and what do you feel has worked best for you?

I feel that social media is a great start. Don’t blast everyone’s page with your book every five minutes.  You will lose friends quickly.  😉

Also, get out and pound the pavement. When you go out to dinner, leave a business card. See someone reading at a bookstore, grocery store, etc? Give them a business card.

Finally, word of mouth works well. When people like your work, they will spread the news.

 What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned concerning the industry?

You must be able to speak up and speak out. You have to find your voice. Being shy and reserved won’t cut it.

 How has your experience been with Peace in the Storm Publishing?

Peace In The Storm Publishing is an excellent company. How can I ever thank Elissa Gabrielle enough for picking me up after being turned down for two years?

 Since you’ve made such a mark with your debut, do you feel like you’ve really made it as an author or do you feel there’s still a lot you haven’t accomplished?

There is so much more to do. I feel that I must continue to grow as an author.  I want to be able to see that growth with every book I write.

 What authors do you enjoy as a reader and did they have any influence on your writing career?

I love the classic writers- John Steinbeck, Richard Wright,  and Edgar Allen Poe.

I also like to read Kimberla Lawson Roby, Eric Jerome Dickey, and the authors of Peace in the Storm.

Sometimes when people become successful they lose themselves. You are one of the most sincere and kindest authors I’ve come across in this business. With the success you’ve obtained, do you ever feel like you’re struggling to hold on to Pamela the person vs. Pamela the author?

Do you feel there is a lot more pressure on you now that you’ve done so well with your debut?

Thanks so much Stacy! I will never lose sight of who God made me. It is so much easier to smile than to frown.  Pamela the person will never change. I know that when you elevate yourself, you will fall.  I did feel pressured to make my second novel as good as or better than the first. I wanted the readers to know that I take the craft of writing seriously, and I don’t want to offer them anything other than my best.

 How have people responded to your success? Have you dealt with any jealousy or behaviors from others you hadn’t counted on?

 For the most part, the response has been very positive. There are only a handful of people that have been negative.  When I encounter those people,  I just remind myself that everyone didn’t like Jesus either.

 You’ve dealt with a lot of personal struggles yet you stay so productive. How do you manage to keep your mind on your writing when times get tough? What keeps you strong?

I try to write in the early morning or late at night when everything is quiet. Even then, my brain sometimes goes to sleep. 😉

My faith and my family keep me strong. When I want to give up, my husband gently reminds me that I can do all things through Christ.  If he can stay strong in his cancer battle, surely I can write another book. 😉

 How does The Monday Night Mistress differ from The Sunday Morning Wife?

The Monday Night Mistress is allows you to hear from each character, whereas my first book was one-directional. 

 If The Sunday Morning Wife was made into a movie, who would you want to play the main character and why?

I would want Elise Neal to play Yolanda. I love the depth that she brings to her characters.  I tweeted her and told her that. She re-tweeted it too! That’s agreement! LOL…

 What words of wisdom do you have for newbies starting in the industry today?

Be yourself. Don’t try to write like anyone else. Use the gift that God gave you. Also, be kind. A bad attitude is never acceptable.

 Thanks for stopping by, Pam!

 Thanks for having me! I am appreciative!~







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